Lizzy Redmond

September 11, 2014

Every dog has his (or her) day

So last time I told you my big secret - I got a little puppy and I was hiding her in the shed. I got her from Jim's friend Martin. Their dog had loads of pups so Martin said I could have one as long as I didn't tell on him or Jim ever again. 
I called her Bubbles, and Iris (my best friend in the whole world) thinks Bubbles is gorgeous. I didn't tell my Mam or Dad though. Iris said that’s wrong, but they won't let me have a pet; that’s why I had to hide her in the shed.
Me and Iris had great fun with Bubbles the other day. When I got home from school, Mam had left a note to say she would be back soon - she had to go to the shops. Iris came to do her homework with me and have her tea in my house. So Jim went straight out on his bike, and me and Iris got Bubbles out of the shed to play with her in the back garden. We ran around the garden with her for ages and just got her back inside in time to hear my Mam calling me. 
When we went in Jim, Martin and Martin's Dad were in the kitchen. My Mam looked really angry. Martin had given all the puppies away and now Martin's Dad wanted them back. He was angry too. Saying that it was wrong to leave a poor little puppy in a shed. And that having a dog was fun but it was important to look after it properly. He wanted to know what I gave it to eat and drink, did I take it for walks and where did it... you know... do its p*(&^...?!
He said he had to go to collect a few other puppies that Martin had given away and would be back the next day for Bubbles.
Mammy was very angry with me but she didn’t say much because Iris was there. After Iris’ mammy collected her, I was sent straight to bed. Mam said I’d be very lucky if Dad didn’t find out.
I cried and cried for ages and then I fell asleep.
But I woke up after a while cos there was shouting and barking outside.
I ran to my window and looked out. There was a man in my back garden and Bubbles had his trousers’ leg in her mouth. My Dad was already on his way down the stairs. When he got out the back garden the man had got away from Bubbles and she was barking like mad.
“Good dog!” my dad said, and he patted her head before he came back into the house.
The next morning the police came to the house and Dad told them about the man in the garden and how Bubbles had stopped the man from trying to break into our house.
“That’s a great guard dog you have there,” the policeman said.
“Yeah. I suppose so. He was going back today but I suppose he’ll earn his keep. Won’t you? You’re a good boy aren’t you?” Dad patted Bubbles on the head again.
“Can we really keep her Dad? Really?”  Me and Jim said it together.
“You mean HIM? Yes, we can keep him,” said my Dad.
Can you believe it? I have a dog… but Bubbles is a BOY!!!
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