Lizzy Redmond

October 26, 2014

Question Time

Mrs Prince said that we had to do one extra bit of homework on Tuesday but she promised it wouldn't be hard. We had to bring in a question for someone in the class and instead of ‘Nuacht’ or ‘Our News’ we would have a Question Time. I knew that I wanted to ask Iris a question. She is my best friend and I know everything about her but I didn't want to ask anyone else.
On Wednesday morning I went to school and I had my question written in my copy, but Iris wasn't in. I told Mrs Prince and she said that I had to think of someone else to ask a question. Mrs Prince said that she was supposed to be last but that I could go last instead. Mine was for Iris and was about her Dad, Kevin. So I had to pick a new question as well as a new person. I didn't know who to pick or what to ask.
Everyone took turns asking questions.  I can't remember them all but I remember some.
Mary Kelly asked Aoife McDermott what her Da did as a job. She said he worked in town in a big factory. He makes sure all the machines are working properly and fixes them if something goes wrong.
Rita Jones asked Debbie Molloy if she had a boyfriend. She said yeah and that it was my brother Jim and we all went 'yeuuuuuuch!' I said it the loudest.
Debbie Molloy asked Mary Saunders what her favourite dinner was. She said it was Christmas dinner with everything on it – including sprouts. More yeuuuuuuchs!
Rose Mullins asked Mary Kelly where she went on holidays last year. She said that she didn’t go on holidays last year because her Mammy had a baby, but this year they might go to see her Aunty in England on a boat.
Siobhan Rafferty asked Mrs Prince if she had any kids and she said no and then she smiled and said, “Well... not yet.”
Mrs Prince asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. As soon as she asked me I knew what the answer was.
“I want to be a teacher Miss, just like you.”
“That's great Lizzy. I think you'd be a great teacher. Now it's your turn. You can ask me a question because Iris isn't in today. What is your question? “
“How much do teachers get paid Miss?”
Mrs Prince opened her mouth then she closed her mouth. Then she opened her mouth again and closed it again. She took a deep breath and we all looked at her and she said…
“It’s time for Geography now girls, that’s enough of the questions.”
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October 17, 2014

Under the Weather

I didn’t go to school today.
Usually I love when I don’t go to school but I stayed at home cos I’m sick :(
I don’t like being sick. It means that I can’t go out to play and Mammy doesn’t let anyone come to play with me in case they catch anything. So I have to stay in bed. I keep coughing all the time and my head is sore and when I talk I sound like an old man with a scratchy voice.
Jim when it was time for him to go to school. He said I was pretending to be sick and if I stayed home that he should be able to stay home too; but Mam made him go.
Yesterday Mam went to get me some cough bottle in the chemist. She told Jim that he was not to go out to play until she came back so that I wouldn’t be on my own.
You can guess what he did next can’t you? As soon as mam was gone he went out the back garden, got his bike and off he went. I didn’t care. I didn’t want him sitting on the stairs complaining.
I tried to read my book but I couldn’t concentrate cos my head was sore, so I just lay on my bed all lonely and miserable.
Then I heard something… something downstairs. Someone was walking around. I called my Mam and I called Jim but there was no answer. I listened again for a while and I knew the noise was now on the landing. I called my Mam and Jim again… nothing.
I shouted, “Jim, if you’re messing trying to scare me, I’m straight telling Mammy on you.”
Whoever it was, they were right outside my door; scratching at the door and making little noises. I was really afraid for a few minutes. Then I heard a sad little whimper, like a baby crying.
I opened the door and Bubbles ran straight past me and jumped up on my bed. He was running around in little circles, barking and yapping. I went over to him and he jumped up on me trying to lick my face. I think he really missed me.
“You have to go back outside Bubbles.” I said it to him in my scratchy voice. “Mammy will be back soon and she’ll be cross if she sees you up here.“
Bubbles ran out of my room and down the stairs. I looked out my window and saw him running around the back garden. Then I heard my Mam’s voice.
“Jim Redmond, where are you? Did you leave that back door open? I don’t want that dog coming in. Jim? Jim, where are you?”
I heard Mam go outside still calling Jim's name. 
So I got back into bed and under the covers.
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October 3, 2014


I’m sitting on the stairs and I know I’m in big trouble and it’s all Jane Finlay’s fault. She told me that the lump of chalk she had was magic. It was huge and all different colours and it looked brilliant. But she tricked me. I swapped her my bike for the chalk, and it wasn’t even magic.
When I went home, Mam asked me where my bike was and I told her I sold it. She shouted and shouted at me for ages for letting someone take my bike again. My brother Jim was there so she sent him around to the Finlay’s to get my bike back. Then she told me that when Da got home she would tell him and he would decide what to do with me.
She never shouted at me like that before and I was in a bad mood cos it wasn’t my fault. So… I decided to run away.
I put on an extra jumper and took all the money out of my savings box. I took my copies and pencil out of my school bag and put in my favourite teddies. They are called Holly and Ivy. Then I put in the photograph of me with all my nieces and nephews. My mam was in the kitchen so I snuck out the back and put Bubbles' lead on her and crept out the front door. I told Bubbles not to bark or we'd get caught. She was very good.
I was nearly at the end of my road and I saw our next door neighbour was coming towards me.
"Hello Lizzy."
"Hello Mrs Murphy."
"Ahh isn't your little dog lovely. Are you off to the shops for your mammy?"
"Eh… yes Mrs Murphy."
"You’re a good girl, goodbye now."
"Bye Mrs Murphy."
I waited til she was gone and then I started walking again. I crossed the little field and headed down the path. I had to be careful cos the path goes around and you can see some of it from the kitchen window in our house. I didn’t want Mam to catch me.
When I got to the end of the path I stopped. I knew I couldn’t go any further. I had enough money – you can get loads with seventeen pence. And I knew I’d miss my mam a bit, but she shouted at me so much that I didn’t care. The reason I couldn’t go wasn’t cos of any of that – it’s cos I’m not allowed cross the big road on my own!
So I just went home; and now I’m sitting on the stairs waiting for Da to come home...
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