Lizzy Redmond

May 25, 2015

Friday Favourites

What’s your favourite day?  Friday is my favourite! I love Fridays times a hundred - do you know why?

Because on Friday we don't get any homework. :) Well we do but it's not real homework. Mrs Prince writes the same 3 things on the board every Friday. I know them off by heart.


1. Listen to the news once
That's ok cos mam always has the news on. I don't know why, cos it's so boring.


2. Make sure to do something nice for someone
Sometimes I forget but I always tell Mrs Prince if I do.


3. Bring in a new story for Nuacht
That’s easy cos I always have something to say…


BUT the other thing I love about Fridays is that my sisters and brothers all come for their dinner and they bring the kids. So I can play with my nieces and nephews, and because I'm older than they are, I'm in charge.


The house gets full and noisy and we have my favourite dinner in the whole world. Yellow fish with mammy's chips. mmmm even the smell of it is yummy :)


One time Granny came for dinner on Friday and when I told her we were having yellow fish she said to tell mammy it didn’t sound very nice and she didn't want it.


Mammy said, "Go back into your Granny and tell her that it's smoked cod in white sauce."


Granny said, "Well why didn't you say that in the first place? Of course I will have some."


We only ever call it yellow fish, but I didn't tell Granny cos I didn't want to get Mammy into trouble.


So when the dinner is all ready I sit up at the table with my nieces and nephews and we eat ours. ooohh yum yum I love it!


When we are finished I take my nieces and nephews out to the back garden and we play until it's time for everyone to go home. If it’s raining we play on the stairs. NOW can you see why I love Fridays??? It’s the best day. And this Friday Iris is coming too, so she is going to help me mind my nieces and nephews.


Do you have a favourite day and a favourite dinner? Why don’t you tell me on my Facebook page or send me a tweet @lizzyredmond and I will answer all your questions.

I would love if you got in contact with me :)

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