Lizzy Redmond

May 25, 2014

The Confessions of Lizzy Redmond

The Confessions of Lizzy
My knees were really hurting me. I was glad when I finished my penance and I could sit up again. I was at confession only a little while ago, so my list was short. I forgot one of the prayers though and Fr. Ben had to help me with the words. I bet that’s why he gave me so many Hail Marys to say.
Mam told me I had to come straight home but I liked how quiet it was in the little chapel, so I stayed for a few minutes.
I sat there looking at the statue of the Our Lady. Mary was in a white dress with a blue shawl over her head. She had her arms out and was looking down at the floor. She had a sort of crown on her head.
"Blessed art thou among women." I said again, out loud.
I get a bit confused about Mary cos she is always dressed like a nun. One day in school I asked Sister Bernadette if Our Lady was a nun "That’s a stupid question,” she said, “make sure you tell the priest that when you go to confession next."
I didn’t though, cos when Father Ben did our confession classes in school, he spent ages and ages reading out a big long list of sins; and asking stupid questions wasn’t on it!
So I was sitting there looking at Our Lady and Fr. Ben came out of the confession box.
“Still here young lady?”
“Yes Father, just finished my penance.”
“Good girl. Those prayers are in your First Holy Communion book, you should try to learn them again; but you probably don’t know where it is do you?”
“I do Father, mammy put it away safe with my medal.”
“OK, hang on there for a second.”
He disappeared through a door I'd never seen before and he came back 2 seconds later with a little book.
“Here you go. They’re all in there. You use that and let your mammy keep your prayer-book safe.”
“Thanks Father.”
“You’re welcome love. God bless you Lizzy.”
I wanted to say “God bless you too Father” but I was afraid to in case it was something I’d get into trouble for saying.
When I got home Mam asked me what took me so long. I said there were loads ahead of me in the queue. That means I already have ‘lies’ on the list for my next confession.
More Hail Marys!
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May 21, 2014

Pretty Girl

Sometimes if I have no one to play with, I sit on the table on the landing and look out the window. You can see loads from there.
Our house is up a bit higher than everyone else’s cos we live on the corner. So I can see the bus stop where we get the bus in to town. I can see the shops where mammy sends me to get milk. I can only see the road to Granny’s house cos she lives around the corner. I can see the tall buildings in my school yard and if I stretch out the window I can nearly see the back of Iris’s house too. But mam saw me doing it and said I’m never ever to do it again.
The other thing I can see is the field with the wall around it. If you walk by the field you can't see anything because the wall is so high. But... from the window on our landing... you can see everything that goes on in there. 
Loads of boys and girls hang around in the field. Sometimes Jim and Simon O’Reilly go there but only when there’s no one else there. If there's older boys there they tell them to go away. I'm not allowed go into the field even though some of my friends go in. I would love to but my mam might see me from the landing window... 
Colleen Molloy and Martin McCabe always meet there.
Debbie Molloy is in my class and Colleen is her big sister. I met her once at Debbie’s birthday party. She is really nice. She let us pick the records we wanted to play and when I spilled orange on my dress she brought me up to her room and helped me to clean it. 
Martin is her boyfriend. He’s gorgeous. He has black hair and he has an earring. I love watching them. They always laugh and sometimes Colleen pushes him away but if he does move away she always pulls him back. Sometimes they hold hands and once I saw him give her a big kiss that lasted so long she probably couldn’t breathe.
I asked one of my sisters what would I have to do to get a boy to kiss me and she said,
“You’d need to get Da to move to America for a start.” 
But Debbie and Colleen’s Da lives with them, so that must be wrong.
When I grow up I hope I will be like Colleen. Her hair is always lovely and she always has nice clothes. I asked my mam if she thought that Colleen was pretty and she said yes. And then I asked if she thought I was pretty. She said I am, AND that I am prettier than Colleen.
I told my mam that she is too. :)
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May 4, 2014


Remember  last time I told you how I was grounded? Well it was Da's long-days shift in work this week. That means he is gone to work before I get up and not back until after I'm gone to bed.
It is the best week to be grounded!
Mam said I wouldn't have to stay upstairs all day after school. But I wasn't to tell him and I had to find something to do all week so I wouldn't be under her feet. I wasn't allowed to watch telly, mam would have let me but she said Jim might tell so I couldn't.
On the first day I was really sad. Jim came in from school and did his homework in about 2 minutes. He came into my room and sang “na na na na na” at me for ages til mammy told him to stop; then he went out on his bike. Him and Martin O'Reilly shouted up to my window a few times from Martin's back garden but I ignored them.
Everyday Jim sang at me, or shouted at me through the window. So I decided to get him back. On Da's long-days we always can stay out a bit later if it is bright. It meant I had lots of time - so I decided while Jim was out I'd have a look around his room…
We were in Martin's house one day and he has a 'KEEP OUT' sign on his door. Jim thought it was the coolest thing in the world but Da wouldn't let Jim put one up. Jim said that I have to pretend there is one there. But there isn't and even if there was I would have ignored it.
Here's what I did to get him back...
He has a little table where his trucks and his action men are. I'm not supposed to touch them. On Friday I sat on the floor in front of them and moved them all. I pulled the arms out of the Action men and stuck them back the wrong way around.
I couldn’t do anything on the weekend cos Da was home all the time but on Monday I went into Jim’s room again. He has a little radio he got for his birthday that he likes to listen to in bed. I turned it on but turned the volume down to zero so he wouldn't know it was on. He's only allowed new batteries when he saves for them!
On Tuesday he asked me if I'd been in his room. I said, “why would I want to be in your smelly room?” Then when he was gone out I checked the radio. It was turned off. I turned it on again and then I hid some of his action man things.
He came into my room yesterday and was shouting that I was in his room, I kept saying I wasn't. Da came in and threatened to ground me again AND to ground Jim too. We looked at each other - there's only one thing worse than being grounded, and that's when we're both grounded at the same time. We stopped fighting and Da went back downstairs.
Jim whispered to me, "I know you were in my room and I'm going to get you back."
I whispered back, "na na na na na."
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