Lizzy Redmond

June 16, 2014

Teacher Trouble

Our head teacher Mrs O'Malley came in to our class today to tell us that Mrs Prince is not well and will be off work for 2 weeks. Instead of her we have a new teacher called Miss Collins.


She had a big smile as if she had too many teeth to fit her mouth, but as soon as Mrs O'Malley went out she stopped smiling. She's not as nice as Mrs Prince. She wouldn't let us talk during break time and said that she won't be reading the same story that Mrs Prince was reading us. And when we were doing maths, Debbie Molloy asked Siobhan Barry for a lend of her ruler and Miss Collins shouted really loud. She made Debbie and Siobhan stand in the corner and said they couldn't go out at lunch time.


Me and Iris were playing hopscotch when Rita Jones called us over. She said that her and Mary Saunders thought Miss Collins was horrible and that I should go to Mrs O'Malley and tell her to get us a different teacher. I said that I wouldn't and Mary pushed me. Next thing I knew Iris was on the ground on top of Mary pulling her hair. I'd never seen Iris like that before. She was shouting at Mary and telling her not to be so horrible. Me and Rita were just standing there, we couldn't believe it. Next of all we heard some girls shouting to say that the teacher was coming. The girls jumped up and we all just walked away.


When we went back into the class Miss Collins said that we were all getting a test straight away on the work we had done before lunch. When a few of us gave out about it she shouted at us all to be quiet and called us little animals. Then she said that Iris and Mary were to come up to the top of the class. She made them stand facing the wall near her desk and said that they wouldn't be doing the test, that they would fail it anyway cos she had seen them fighting and they were just gurriers.


Half way through the test Miss Collins said she was going next door to borrow something and we were to stay silent. After a few minutes Siobhan Rafferty shouted, “There she is, getting something out of her car.” 


We all jumped up. Mary Saunders ran to Miss Collins’ desk. She grabbed the chalk and wrote in big letters on the board.


We were all roaring laughing. We ran back to our desks and kept doing our test. Iris and Mary turned their faces to the wall again.

And we waited...

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