Lizzy Redmond

July 31, 2014

Puppy Love

I got a bit of help with today’ s story. My friends in @aoifeclass who follow me on Twitter, invited me to go to their class and read a story – so I asked them to help me write the next one. Some of them wanted to know why I have no pets. But it’s because my mammy and daddy won’t let me. They had a pet when I was a tiny baby and it died and my big brothers and sisters were so sad about it that they said they would never get one again. So the children in @aoifesclass said that I should go and get myself a pet… and that’s what I did!
I have a big secret...
In the shed, down the back of our garden there is a load of old stuff that no one ever looks at. My Dad only goes into the shed to get the lawn mower out which is just inside the door. But if you push past it and climb over the bags of… actually I don’t know what's in the bags. But if you climb over them and step over the pots of paint and then push passed the broken chest of drawers and slide in behind it… I’ve made a little space and a bed - for Bubbles.
Bubbles is my new puppy that I got from my brother Jim’s friend, Martin. Their dog Beauty just had a load of pups and Martin said I could have one. I had to make a deal with him and Jim. They will not tell that I have a dog in the shed and I can't tell on them for anything ever again. 
I said yes straight away cos I don’t care what my brother does and I REALLY want a dog.
So I took the smallest little puppy and called her Bubbles. I think it is a her  – Martin said I will know soon enough and he started to laugh. So did Jim, but I don’t know why.
The only other person I told is Iris and she came to see Bubbles yesterday. Mammy wanted to know why I was bringing Iris to the shed and I said we were looking or my old broken skates to see if Iris’ Daddy could fix them. I had thought of that earlier cos I just KNEW Mammy would ask.
Iris loves Bubbles but she said that the only way to keep a secret about Bubbles is to keep telling lies and that it’s wrong to tell lies. I told her that I say my prayers every night and tell God I’m sorry for telling lies. Iris still wasn’t happy but then I let her hold Bubbles again and Bubbles licked her face and that made us both laugh.
All I have to do is keep her quiet and try to sneak her out for walks. Martin said that he might have an old lead I can have for her. In school today Iris said that she thinks I should tell my mammy – cos now that Bubbles is here and is so so SO SOOOO gorgeous, my Mammy will love her and definitely let me keep her.
What do you think?
Should I tell my mammy?
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July 14, 2014

Two Liddys!

Do you remember I told you about my best friend Iris? Well her little sister’s name is the same as mine – Lizzy!
Little Lizzy’s birthday party was on Saturday and her mammy Brenda said I could come if my mammy said it was ok. Brenda said she would need us to help her with a room full of 2 year olds.
My mammy said I could go as long as I got a lift home, so off I went.
It was very funny every time someone called little Lizzy’s name, because I thought they were talking to me and I would answer. Then little Lizzy would say, “I am Liddy. You no Liddy.” We tried to tell her that my name is Lizzy too but she didn’t believe us and kept saying. “NO! Me Liddy, you Icy friend.” (She calls Iris ‘Icy’ cos she can’t say that properly either.)
All the mammies were talking and me and Iris had to keep an eye on the kids. Iris was great. She made up lots of games with them. She had spent ages making a big ‘pass the parcel’ and there was lots of stuff in it, so that everyone got a prize. When we were all getting tired from the games, Kevin, Iris’ Dad told us a story. Well he acted out a story. He did lots of actions and different voices and he was really funny. Everyone was laughing, even the mammies.
After that, some of the kids were playing on the stairs. I was asked to watch them. It wasn’t long before little Lizzy tripped over something and started to fall. I was standing at the bottom of the stairs and saw her, so I jumped up two steps and caught her – just in time. She got a real fright. So did I! For a minute we just looked at each other with our eyes wide open. Iris’ mammy saw what happened and ran to us.
“I nearly fall mammy.” Little Lizzy was nearly crying.
“I know you did love.” Her mammy said. “And the other Lizzy caught you. Isn’t she great! Did you say thank you?”
“Thank you Liddy.”
I said it was ok and we held hands as we walked downstairs. Kevin had the candles lit on the cake and we all sang happy birthday.
Then little Lizzy said, “Sing again, nudder Liddy.”
“You want us to sing Happy Birthday to you again?” Brenda asked her.
“No, sing Happy Birthday nudder Liddy.” Little Lizzy was pointing at me.
“Nudder Liddy. She means the other Lizzy.” Kevin gave one of his loud laughs that made his big belly shake. “But it’s not her birthday!”
Image thanks to Chris Sweeney/The Echo NewspaperLittle Lizzy didn’t care, she wanted to sing it to me. We decided that it took her long enough to believe that my name was Lizzy and it would take too long to convince her that it was not my birthday as well.
“Anyway,” said Kevin. “You’re a bit of a hero to our girl today. So let’s sing Happy Birthday again – to the two Liddys.”
We all laughed. Little Lizzy stood on her chair and joined in at the top of her voice, as everyone sang “Happy Birthday – two Lidddyyyyys. Happy Birthday to you"
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July 10, 2014


Do you remember last time? When we had a horrible teacher, Miss Collins? When she was out of the room Mary Saunders wrote on the board in big letters… WE LOVE MRS PRINCE  AND WE DON'T LIKE YOU.
Well… when Miss Collins came back in to the class she sat down but she didn't see the board. We were still doing our tests. We kept looking up at her, she was just staring at us. Rita Jones sits in front of me, she looked across at Siobhan Rafferty and Siobhan started laughing. I could see Iris and Mary's shoulders were moving and Mary giggled. Miss Collins jumped up and turned around, she opened her mouth to shout but nothing came out. She opened and closed her mouth a few times while she was reading the board, then she turned around real slow. We could barely hear her when she said really slow,
“Everyone! Stand up… and get into a line. “
None of us were laughing then. Miss Collins made us walk up to Mrs O'Malley's office and wait outside. Miss Collins said she was going in to talk to Mrs O'Malley and we were to stand facing the wall and be quiet. We stood there for ages, a few were whispering to each other but I'm not sure who.
“No one tell ok? We're not going to tell who did it?”
“We have to tell or else we'll all be in trouble.”
“We CAN'T tell, if you tell you're a RAT.”
“Ssshhh they'll hear us.”
“We're supposed to be friends.”
“Well you're not my friend if you tell.”
“We all have to stick together. No one is to tell.”
“We ARE all friends,” I said. “But we're not allowed to tell lies. Miss Collins is mean and that is the truth. If Mrs O'Malley asks what happened, I will say that.”
Mrs O'Malley and Miss Collins came out of the office and when Miss Collins saw us she went mad. She was shouting.
“What did I tell you? I told you not to speak. I told you to face the wall, but instead like the animals that you are you are not doing what I told you to do. You are already in very very big trouble and I will punish each of you until you learn to...”
Mrs O'Malley put her hand on Miss Collins's arm and said,
“Excuse me Miss Collins but my pupils are not animals; and in this school we do not force children to face the wall. Please go back in to my office and wait for me there.”
Mrs O'Malley brought us back to our class. She looked at the board and then cleaned the writing off it. She gave us all 100 lines to write - I must not be rude to my teacher
Then she said,
“You were very wrong to do what you did. But Miss Collins was also wrong. You are not animals. You are a great class, but you must respect yourselves by behaving better. Work together girls, you must all work together. “
We all promised that we would.

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