Lizzy Redmond

April 22, 2014



I am in BIG trouble with my Da; and it’s not even my fault!


I was cycling around the block and Breda Brennan stopped me and asked me if she could have a go of my bike. I don't really like her but sometimes if you say no to her she pushes you.


One time I was wheeling one of my baby nieces around the block and she wanted me to let her hold the pram. I didn't let her cos my sister told me not to let anyone near the pram unless they were a mammy. Breda pushed me and I tripped over the wheel. She tried to take the pram but Mrs Nolan was coming so she ran off.


So anyway, I told Breda that I wasn't allowed give anyone a lend of my bike. Breda said she'd only go around the block once. So I let her, but I told her she had to cycle fast past my house in case anyone saw her. She took the bike and I waited for ages but she never came back.


My brother Jim came around the corner and said it was time to come in. I told him what happened and he gave out to me for a while but then we heard Breda shouting at Jim. Hey if you want her bike back you’ll have to catch me. Jim ran off to try to catch Breda and he was gone for ages.


Eventually my Da came around the corner looking for us. When my Da has to come looking for me I know I'm in big trouble.


"Why didn't you come in when you were told; and where is your brother?"


I was crying and I told him about Breda Brennan. Then Jim came around the corner but he didn't have my bike with him. I thought Da was going to start shouting but he just told us to go home.


I couldn't stop crying and I was telling my mam what happened. Even she gave out to me about lending my bike. Me and Jim had our dinner and it was ages before my Da came back. When he did come  back had had my bike. He didn't say anything to me, he just looked at my mam and said something about Mr. Brennan and they laughed, but I don’t know why.


I was sent straight to bed. I could hear them laughing downstairs so I thought I got away with it; but when I got up the next morning Da was gone to work, mam said he said I was grounded for a week for lending my bike.




I’m not allowed to tell Iris to call in for me and I can't even watch the telly. I don't know what I’m going to do every day. L
I’ll have to find something to do, I’ll tell you all about it next week…

April 8, 2014

Meeting the Malones

Yesterday was the best day ever. I went to Iris' house for the first time. In case you didn’t read about her last week, her name is Iris Clementine Malone, and she is my best friend.
We were finishing our homework when I heard this big loud laughing in that hall. I got a fright and I thought we might be in trouble with Iris' Da if he thought we were making noise. But Iris told me that it was was just him laughing. The door opened and this big HUGE man walked in. He looked like SANTA CLAUS! He had a fat belly and a big long beard and everything.
“Hello there, you must be Lizzy, I'm Kevin Malone. Iris' daddy. How are you?”
He was so big and loud I didn't know what to say. He grabbed my hand and squez it real tight and shook it like he was waving a flag.
“It's ok young miss, you don't have to be scared of me, I'm a little tiny pussy cat, I'm just wearing a huge lion's suit that's all.” He started roaring laughing again.
I took a deep breath and said, “Hello Mr. Malone, it's very nice to meet you.”
“Oh no no, not Mr Malone, you can call me Kevin. Now what are you girls up to? Iris are you finished your homework? How is your scarf coming on?”
Mr Malone sat down on the sofa and I nearly fell off cos he made all the cushions jump up.
Iris crawled in behind the sofa and when she came back she had a small bag that had her knitting in it.
“My dad ith helping me knit a thcarf and when we're finithed we're going to make a jumper.”
“Your DA is helping you?” I couldn't believe it. Iris put her head down and I was raging I said it like that.
“Oh yes Lizzy," said Kevin. "I was an only child and my father died when I was very young. I had no one to teach me to fish or play football, so my mother taught me what she knew and that was knitting. And now I'm teaching Iris. Would you like to learn?”
Iris looked up at me as if she was scared of what I'd say but I always wanted to learn so I said yes please about 20 times.
Mr Malone got me some needles and some wool and showed me how to put stitches on and knit a plain row. It took me ages but he was very nice and didn't give out to me. 
Every time I called him Mr Malone he said I was to call him Kevin. When I was finished he said he would drive me home and Iris could come for the jaunt.
He even said I could keep the wool and the needles to practise.
He is really nice; but if ever he comes to my house I'll have to call him 'Mr Malone'. I don't know what my Da would say if he heard me calling him 'Kevin'.
I don't know what he'd say about the knitting either...
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April 1, 2014

Iris Clementine Malone

My best friend in the whole world is called Iris. She only came to our school last September. On Iris’ first day, our múinteoir, Mrs Prince told us that she had just moved here and we were all to be nice to her. 
Then múinteoir said, “Tell everyone your name,” and Iris said, “Irith Clementine Malone.”
A few of us giggled but Mrs Prince was staring at us so we stopped.
Mrs. Prince told Iris to sit down beside Mary Kelly. I was thinking, “Poor Iris. I wouldn’t want to sit beside Mary Kelly.”
Out in the yard, some of the girls were jeering her, “Howya Irith, is your Mammy called Thally and your Daddy called Theymuth.”  Debbie Molloy told them to shut up. I didn’t say anything to them, but I told Iris she could come and play with us.
She’s really nice. She said that her Da told her to always tell people her full name because he wanted her to be called Clementine; but her Mammy said no. So it had to be her middle name. Her Da is from Dublin and her Mammy is from Wexford.
And the best thing ever is that she has a little sister called Lizzy. Same as ME.
When we came in from the yard, I asked Mrs Prince if Iris could sit beside me at Art-time; we sometimes are allowed change places for Art. And guess what? Iris is BRILLIANT at drawing. She did a house and a garden with a dog in it; and all little tiny flowers in the garden. She drew a pram with a baby in it and the baby had a tiny face and hands and everything; they looked really real. I asked her how she knew how to do that. Iris said she didn’t know, she just could.
I was so jealous. I can’t draw anything. If I draw a dog it looks like a cow. And when I draw a person, their hands are too big. Iris said she would teach me how to draw better :) I hope I can learn.
We got on really well and I told her about my brother Jim and what a pain he is. She said that sometimes her little sister is a pain too – but she COULDN’T be as bad as a brother!
When it was time to put the art stuff away, Mrs Prince said, “Now girls make sure you sign your drawings before you put them on the art table.” Iris signed hers – Iris Clementine Malone, so I signed mine – Lizzy Mary Redmond. We have been best friends ever since.
I’m going for my dinner to Iris’ house for the first time tomorrow. I’ll tell you all about it next week…
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