September 10, 2013

The First Few Words...

I was on hols last week – had a fab time 

To keep my writing skills from falling into disrepair (it wouldn’t take much), I set myself a challenge. I tried to write a few words inspired by a photograph I’d taken that day. I suppose it was a free-writing exercise in some ways, but who knows, there might be something in these little starts.

In the end I didn’t do it every day, but I did 3 in the 6 days I was away, so not bad eh?

Thought I’d share them with you. Let me know what you think… 


Stumpy MacNabb crossed the street, but not until he was sure it was safe. That was the third automobile that had passed him in the hour it had taken him to walk from his cabin to the main street in the village.  He had told them all that it was going to spell disaster and now he felt he’d been proved right. 3 cars in one hour!

The locals reckoned that if all Stumpy’s premonitions of doom, and prophecies of destruction had come true, the village would no longer exist. But he was insistent. The advent of the automobile was going to spell the end of life as they knew it.

He had to find a way to make them see. He had to convince them that motor cars were a bad thing.
Even it if meant putting his life in danger – by owning one…




A Longing Look
The view from the castle rooftop was astounding. You could see right the the shores of Aristomenthe. For these few minutes, Eloise was permitted to take fresh air and experience the outdoors.

She longed to be on the river, sailing far away from this place of prison and hopelessness.

She had promised her own life to save her father’s. This was no ‘Beauty & the Beast’ fable. Eloise’s father was a gambler and Farak would have cut him into 8 pieces – his usual method of fatal revenge; Eloise would not have been able to live with herself if she had not offered her life for her father’s. He wept, but did not argue – he was the weakest man in all of Aristomenthe.

The deal struck was that Farak would not hurt her father, nor would he lend him any more money or allow him to gamble in his tavern, so long as Eloise willingly remained in his castle…

The Holey Stone
For years, people came to see the stone. Some prayed, some touched it – hoping for healing. Some just stood silent, looking, nodding every so often in reverence.
Pat’s mother had decided it was best to say nothing. It was a simple misunderstanding; no malice was meant, it was just a mistake. And sure how could she take it back after all this time?
It was only when Pat’s mother took ill and the whole town started together at the stone for her, that Pat realised it was getting out of hand.

Mrs O’Byrne was not slow in telling Pat how upset she was that he hadn’t turned up to the first vigil at the stone. How could he be so callous, when it was his mother who was so ill, and his mother who had discovered that the stone was holy. Before she left, she made it clear that she expected to see Pat later that evening.

Pat knew it was time to end the reign of the ‘Holy Stone’. He just wasn’t quite sure how to go about it…

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