March 26, 2014

Hello and Welcome :)

Hello and welcome to my new website!


Whether you’ve trundled over from my old fiction blog, Fictitious Amo, finally given in to the insistent recommendations of a friend, or just stumbled upon the site due to an unfortunate typing error – you are all equally and joyously welcome J


Here you’ll find info about my book, The Long & The Short of it and other projects I have on the go. I’ll be chatting about my writing journey and welcoming some guests who, on occasion, will be sharing their wit and wisdom. I’ve brought over some previous posts from Fictitious Amo, so there’s plenty to get reading and of course there will be new stories, Limericks and who knows what else?! I am open to suggestions!


Another feature of the site is Lizzy Redmond’s blog. Lizzy was the character featured in my AtoZ Blogging Challenge in 2013. She continues to be very popular and is now featured each week in a The Echo newspaper, in South Dublin. On her blog we go back to the beginning and let her tell her story. Click here to read the first instalment.


I’d love you to sign up to receive regular updates from the site by email (Note: when I say regular I don’t mean every four hours!). Every couple of weeks I’ll drop you a line letting you know what I’ve been up to. I’ll also point you to something I’ve read that I think you’ll enjoy and I’ll try to find something a bit different (I’ll steer clear of cats as much as poss).


I promise I won’t share your information with anyone and as a thank you for trusting me with your email address, I’ll send you a little gift when you sign up. I’ve written two brand new stories for this very purpose… to give to the lovely peeps who join the site. 


So just drop your email in the little box on my home page and I’ll send those stories along to you.


Thanks so much for popping by. Hope you enjoy looking around. Please drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you!

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