June 21, 2014


Good morning and a Happy National Flash Fiction Day to you all :)

If you're a writer and/or a reader of short snappy stories then this is the day for you. There's lots going on both at home and abroad.

The Big Smoke Writing Factory are once again hosting the Flash Fury, a flash fiction event 3-6pm today at Arthur's Pub on Thomas St, Dublin. If you can get along there you should pop in. It's a great event. 

If you're like me and can't get to Dublin today, there is still plenty going on. The National Flash Fiction Day #NFFD team in the UK have two different streams of stories. 

One is the Flash Flood. The closing date for this was last Thursday, so you can't submit. But you can read a constant flow of stories that will be posting all day. There is no specific theme, style or genre - the only rule was 500 words. I've already seen a few names I recognise, including our own Susan Condon, whose piece you can read here. My submission was accepted too and will be up there this evening about 7.30pm. :)


But maybe you want more... maybe you want in... Well the NFFD WriteIn is for you. The team are accepting submissions until midnight. There are picture prompts and word prompts to choose from and already there are some great WriteIn stories up there. You can follow all the action on the #NFFD Facebook page
Have you got 500 words in you today?  Take a look at the list of prompts and give it a go ;) 
Oh and if you were to check the 'editors' list, you'll find me there - that's what I'll be doing today. Am delighted to be involved. 

Have a great National Flash Fiction Day - what ever you're doing :) x


June 6, 2014

I'm celebrating today - help me share the love :)

Hey I'm celbrating today. 

On Tuesday night I won first prize in the Newbridge June Fest Literary Miscellany. I was so shocked that I totally forgot to text all the people waiting to hear how I'd done :) I'm thrilled to have been awarded first prize, and if I'm honest, a bit relieved. It was hard to get going again and now I feel like I'm finding my 'mojo' after a difficult few months.

The judge was Martin Malone, an award winning author from Kildare, whose new collection of short stories, 'Deadly Confederacies and other stories' is due to be published this month. 

So it's party time in Casa Miles. There's bunting, balloons, finger food and champange. Ok there's peanuts and a glass of red wine BUT... I AM celebrating. 


I'm inviting people to sign up to the mailing list. As well as the two stories that you get as a thank you - I'll put your name in the hat for a signed copy of The Long & The Short of it. 

If you're already on the mailing list, then I'll put your name in the hat if you recommend someone. If there are more than 10 new names by the end of the day, I'll pull out two.

Thanks so much for all the support folks - I really appreciate it.


Pop over to the FB page and say hi or you can tweet @amowriting 

photo credits:
1. Me with Martin Malone
2. nhanusek via photopin cc

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