February 19, 2015

When is a writer not a writer?

When she’s a mover!
Remember me? Yes! I have emerged from under the mountain of boxes, application forms and appointments. There is still plenty of that stuff to be dealt with, but enough of it is done to allow me to pop in here so I can make sure the place is still in one piece. I thought being out of work and settling in to life in the UK would mean that I’d have lots of time to sit around writing. I saw myself gazing out the window at an inspiring Welsh skyline. Instead, writing has been almost impossible to get my head around. I’ve been so distracted by all that’s going on. 
My suspicion has long been that the busier I am, the more productive I am. The less time I have, the better use I make of time. That suspicion has been proven true. So much so that I can’t wait to have a job, and not just for the shekels. I long for my writing time to become precious again. When I was driving all over the place doing guitar lessons, and zooming up and down the motorway to the radio station, I guarded my ‘Friday-off-everything’ jealously. Unless someone’s hair was on fire, I didn’t leave the apartment. I didn’t drive anywhere, I didn’t cook, I didn’t even get out of the pyjamas! (The postman will vouch for that one; as soon as he is out of therapy. Poor bloke.) I got so much done on those Fridays, and filled the gaps on other days with reading and editing etc. 
Now…? Well, the only writing I’ve been doing, except for my regular articles, is filling in forms. And when you've written your name, address, DOB and National Insurance number 10 times, it can drain you of the will to hold a pen ever again. 

Anyway, excuses done with now... I shall endeavour to do better. :)
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A x

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