About Annmarie

Born and raised in Tallaght, in the foothills of Dublin in Ireland, Annmarie Miles says she was "raised on songs and stories" in a musical and talkative family.

Annmarie's own writing, for many years was of the song persuasion. Instead of getting her mother's classic beauty, she says, she got her father's high forehead and ability to write a funny rhyme. It never occurred to her to try to write anything else...until now.

She started blogging in 2007 and says she used it to "think out loud" for a few years. In 2010 after being offered a regular column in VOX Magazine (an Irish print quarterly), Annmarie realised that it was time to take writing seriously. So she relaunched her blog as Just another Christian woman... talking through her hat! and began to interact with readers and writers on social media.

In 2012 something changed and it wasn't just that she turned 40. Annmarie realised she'd been bitten by the writing bug and decided to pursue the craft. After her first piece of fiction was completed there came another... and another, and since then the stories have flowed every day.

She continues to write her column for VOX Magazine, has a monthly column on the US website Writer's Fun Zone and has written a number of guest blog posts. In October 2013 her story series 'Lizzy,' which was written as part of a daily blogging challenge, began as a serialisation in The Echo newspaper.

Annmarie is a committed Christian. She is married to Richard, a Welshman. At the end of 2014 they packed up their books, gadgets and musical instruments, and moved back to Richard's hometown of Newport in South Wales.

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